Junior/ Senior Java Developer

DAC Data Science Vietnam
800 - 2000 USD
243A Đường La Thành, Láng Thượng, Đống Đa, Hà Nội 100000, Vietnam
Full time
Published 24/05/2021

Job Description

  • Bring data, implement bidding to about 50 media including Google, Yahoo, etc. via API: Google (GKT, GDN), Yahoo (YDN, YSS), etc.
  • Download report (3TB big data) from media API (SOAP, REST) daily, hourly and save to Data Warehouse
  • From the big data above, calculate and compute reports (statistics, predictions) for advertisers and directly to customers (report types can include CSV, Excel, Tableau (BI)), self-export 5000 reports per day.
  • Based on the client’s budget, create alerts if the prediction does not achieve the required KPI.
  • Important keyword: Big data (3TB Big Query volume, 300 million keywords), big impact (advertising costs: 100 million USD / month), AdTech, BI, AI



  •  Senior: Over 3-Year experience in working with Java (Spring, Spring Boot)

      Junior: Over 1-Year experience in working with Java (Spring, Spring Boot)

  • Experienced with MySQL, SQL Server
  • Experienced with REST API
  • Experienced in working with Linux, Shell scripts


  • Logical thinking is good, love working with big systems, especially Big data
  • Prefer if you have experience working with Elastic search
  • Ability to self-search, study specialized documents in English or Japanese
  • Ability to work in a team as well as work independently
  • Can work under high pressure on deadlines as well as product quality
  • Ability to be well and proactive in work, has a high sense of responsibility to complete the assigned work.

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