Ho Chi Minh


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Mercon Group is a vertically integrated global green coffee supplier. We are among the leading coffee suppliers in the world. Our trajectory of more than 65 years in the business has granted us global access to the coffee supply chain. We have extensive experience in farming, production, trading, marketing, logistics and risk management in the coffee industry. Throughout the years, we have encouraged best-practice solutions to integrate innovation and technology across our entire organization to deliver the best client experience. We are also strongly committed to the sustainability of the coffee industry to generate long-term value and benefits for everyone in the supply chain. Our purpose is to build a better coffee world. Mercon’s headquarters are in the Netherlands. Our presence throughout the world allow us to service more than 130 clients in more than 40 countries. We offer a quality product according to each of our clients specific needs. Our business model is based on a strong supply chain that adds value from the producer to the roaster. Mercon brings to our clients the world of coffee in one place. Our companies are in 9 countries: Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Netherlands, Panama, Spain, USA and Vietnam.


78 Nguyen Van Thu, Đa Kao, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

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