Helix Mesh

1-50 employees
Ho Chi Minh
1-50 employees


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Introduction Helix Mesh

Nebula Block is a dynamic and innovative company headquartered in Canada, where we primarily operate in English. We specialize in providing hosting solutions for the AI, blockchain, and high-performance computing industries, serving a diverse international clientele. With four strategically located data centers worldwide, we deliver top-tier technology solutions that empower businesses globally. 

Swan Cloud Inc., established in 2018, specializes in decentralized storage and computing solutions. Our flagship product, Swan, enables efficient and affordable high-performance computing tasks. Trusted by blockchains, universities, VR/AR companies, and other computing-intensive industries, we're revolutionizing decentralized storage and computing. 

Backed by Binance Labs, Filecoin Foundation, and Chainlink Labs, we're developing a cross-chain infrastructure for decentralized cloud computing. Join us in revolutionizing decentralized storage and computing at https://www.swanchain.io. Together, we're shaping a decentralized future for the digital world.

Helix Mesh is the Ho Chi Minh City branch of Nebula Block and Swan, operating as a key component of our international network. We are a hub for innovation and technology in Vietnam, contributing to our global success. 


Tòa nhà H3, 384 D. Hoàng Diệu, Phường 6, Quận 4

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