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Giới thiệu Telestar VN

Telestar is vastly experienced in contact center management and provides a competitive edge to our clients.

We are capable of managing a huge volume of tickets in a professional and a specialized manner.


Our belief is that all customers should be treated professionally and attentively. Telestar's Inbound contact center will fulfill the needs of your customers and form a strong link between your company and them.


Outsourcing inbound contact center services makes it easier for organizations to focus on their core businesses whilst also offering them higher flexibility and value savings. In return it also increases customer satisfaction due to effective client services.


At our outbound contact center a team of professionals takes every chance to initiate outbound communication to your prospected or existing customers. We provide you with a solution that enables you to manage all the communication with our agents ensuring overall quality of our services.


With Telestar, your entire team sits next to each other in a managed office. This increases the productivity of the team as a whole and makes it easier for you to manage the workflow.


207 Street 05, Lakeview, An Phu, District 2, Thu Duc

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207 Street 05, Lakeview, An Phu, District 2, Thu Duc