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Hồ Chí Minh
Đăng tuyển ngày 06/06/2022

Mô tả công việc

  • On the backend side, The Company is built using Ruby on Rails as the main web framework. Unlike standard Rails project structure, we modularize the code base into local gems and engines to improve maintainability and extensibility, following a modular monolith pattern. This also follows the pattern of Functional core, imperative shell with the gems being mostly functional/stateless code and engines handle the imperative/stateful part of the app.
  • By using Sorbet to add static typing on top of Ruby, we ensure that most of our Ruby code has annotated type signature. This not only reduces a whole swath of common bugs that plagues Ruby codebases but also significantly improves developer productivity through IDE/editor integrations.
  • We use PostgreSQL for our main production database due to its reliability and rich feature set. We have built a custom job queue system on top of Postgres, which are then executed using Sidekiq on top of Redis.
  • Vue.js 3.0 with TypeScript is our framework of choice for front-end development. To deal with displaying a huge amount of data, we build sophisticated, custom Vue components that lazily render the data. Since many complex computations are done on the front-end, we also use Web workers to decouple those computations from the main rendering thread. This enables a smoother user experience while also decoupling computation from rendering logic.
  • ‍Create a new query language that compiles to SQL
  • Build front-end component that can render hundreds of thousands of data points
  • Build custom, interactive visualization components on top of open source technology
  • Create a domain-specific language as part of a semantic layer to represent analytics logic
  • Build a text-based database for analytics metadata on top of Git
  • Build a web-based IDE for data analysts to explore and develop analytics logic
  • Design and build a natural language interface for business users to explore data and view dashboards
  • You should have a strong foundation in Computer Science with good problem-solving ability.
  • Experience with our technology stack is not required: While it’s a bonus, it’s not a requirement for you to be familiar with our current technology stack. We expect you to be able to pick up these quickly on the job.
  • You should be someone with a continuous learning & growth mindset. You find yourself excited to learn something new as part of the work every week.
  • Communications: Given we have a strong writing culture, you should be comfortable with communicating your ideas in English written forms.
  • Genuine interest in the space: We’d love to work with people who are genuinely interested in the product and the space we’re in, someone who cares about the end product beyond just writing the code that makes it work.

Kỹ năng

Ruby on Rails

Quyền lợi

  • 13-month salary; annual compensation reviews
  • Stock options (ESOP) for high-contributing team members
  • Flexible working arrangement, hybrid work (WFO+WFH) policies
  • 24/7 healthcare insurance; periodic medical checkups.
  • The annual budget for personal and professional growth, well-being and interest cultivations.
  • 14 annual leaves, 14 sick leaves, child-care leave policy.
  • Weekly happy hours. Annual company trips and company-organized events
  • Workstation: Macbook/Laptop Grant, Mechanical Keyboard, 27-inch monitors
  • Working Time: from Monday – Friday, from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
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freeC's Client
Hồ Chí Minh
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Hồ Chí Minh
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