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Giới thiệu GPT Technology Solutions

GPT GROUP - Global Platform Technology

Is a Technology Group that focuses development quality of products in Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation, Software. GPT Group has been and will not stop developing high-quality technology products to help upgrade your business and actively contribute to the development of information technology in Vietnam.

2027 is the number one Technology Group quality assurance in Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation, Software in Vietnam.


Based on our core values of Trust, Frankness, Effectiveness for people and are part of everything we do.

They relate to all our business activities and define the behavior anticipated by every employee.

Our people include a range of professional qualifications offer outstanding expertise, experience, and superior client-driven top talent with an insight into agility, efficiency, and consistency. We value our people, encourage their development, and reward their performance.


238 Nguyễn Oanh, Phường 17, Gò Vấp, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam

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