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Giới thiệu COZRUM

Tourism market in Vietnam and Southest Asia is one of the fastest-growing in recently. In the last few years, the huge traffic of tourists from all over the world come to visit and discover Vietnam culture keeps increasing. By this time, the Online Travel Agency (OTA) is blooming and growing rapidly, especially Airbnb, The tourist come and visits a place, they always want to enjoy the tour with best experience and outstanding services.

Cozrum was founded in early 2018 with desired to build-up an "Online Hotel" system that adaptive the market demands. Cozrum ideas based on ​​using technology in operation and accommodation services. We wanted to create a revolutionary in the hospitality industry in Vietnam as well as in Southeast Asia. Applied AI technology to managing sale channels and drives the customer oriented, maximise revenue streams as well as the quality of service to all customers.


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