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Giới thiệu Andpad


The first IT startup is in the construction industry with high technologies, offering E2E, SAAS or other digitized services. In Japan, ANDPAD is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and is providing softwares to assist construction company in minimizing management costs, paperwork, lack of communication or information ....Help more than 60,000 customers improve progress, manage risk and work in the most efficient way!

The next goal is to build a development center in Vietnam, continue to expand the core business to new level. Besides, we are also planning to develop some new services/applications for the next projects.

Not only a company, ANDPAD would like to build an effective team where the participants can work, learn and become a part of other teambuilding activities, ensuring the best work culture for employees and the company. stick together and grow together.


62 Tran Quang Khai, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1

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