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freeC is Real Time SNS, so your job post
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freeC recommend your job post from many related sources such as events, news, crowd-sourcing.


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step 1

Post job here. You can choose :

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    Attach Job Description
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    Attach Link of your job
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freeC Operator check your job post
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post as soon as possible !

step 3

You will get mail with ID and Password from freeC.
All you need to login and
check apply and message from candidates.

customers on company feature page

Ambition Vietnam

It is surprisingly easy to post jobs and deliver it to potential candidates! Also I like simple 2 choices which are "Match" or "Unmatch", and once we match, we can chat easily with candidates!"

Sapporo Vietnam

freeC's service is quite new and has many impressive points. The company can easily share many information and images with potential candidates, thereby, helping the company increase the opportunity to reach the candidates.
Although I still haven't found the suitable candidate, but I personally appreciate the FreeC Matching function because it helps the company to interact and understand more about candidates before conducting formal interviews.

AdAsia Media Vietnam

At freeC, easy to upload jobs and events, and also easy to share for referral and facebook share. In addition, candidates watch our company feature video and understand our company, which makes whole recruiting process very easy and reduce mismatching.

other customers

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what our
awesome users say ?

I like the point which this app curates all information based on my interest. So I don't need to spend much time to source job, crowd-work, event, news and so on.

The thing I expect to this app is to connect to companies casually. And in the future, I want to connect people who has same interest or skills!

Amazing product! This only brings merits for users as well as companies. I absolutely tell about freeC to my friends!

I like the point which this app curates all information based on my interest. So I don't need to spend much time to source job, crowd-work, event, news and so on.