Senior/Lead R&D AI/ML (C++ Developer)

freeC's Client
1800 - 2800 USD
Tan Binh, Ho Chi Minh
Full time

Job Description

  • Analyze and formulate industrial needs into technical problems and solve them.
  • Research, invent and improve patentable algorithms in our cutting-edge research projects.
  • Employ these research ideas into high-quality production code of the SDK
  • Support our marketing team and customers to roll out the SDK
  • Analyze and resolve issues and feedback to keep customers happy with our product.

For leader/head role:

  • Work with product managers to build great products and features
  • Analyze feedback from customers & QC team to convert into tasks plan to improve the products
  • Plan tasks and distribute problems to other team members.
  • Work with other teams to support greater success as a company
  • Grow the team and make it a solid group of R&D engineers in the domain in Vietnam!


  • ...........................................................................................................................................
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related major with at least 3 years experience.
  • Interest in doing research and implementing new things.
  • Passion in creating great products and supporting customers to successfully use the products.
  • MS or PhD degree is a strong plus.
  • Ability to lead a team and being familiar with Agile methodology is a plus.
  • Excellent in troubleshooting, problem solving, and analytical skills.
  • Good experience in end-to-end quality software development process.
  • Fluent in practical English.
  • Good team player and quick learner.
  • Solid with C++/C++11 STL, boost, opencv, cmake, OOP and software design patterns.
  • Strong in algorithms and troubleshooting.
  • Experienced in code optimizations, design of large software, multithreading and asynchronous concepts, cross platform development.
  • Good experience on Windows software development is required. Knowledge of MacOS, iOS, and Android are desirable.
  • Experience in GPU parallel programming (CUDA, OpenCL, Metal) is a plus.
  • Experience in Image/Video processing and Computer Vision or Machine Learning or Deep Learning (AI) is a plus.
  • Ability to understand and implement scientific papers.
  • Familiar with Python and/or Matlab is a plus.


  • Yearly salary review
  • 13th month salary
  • Surprised bonuses that recognize outstanding contributions.
  • Make a difference together: chart the future course of the computer vision and video conference industry.
  • Work, learn, share and have fun with talented, young, dynamic & friendly colleagues in both US, Taiwan and Vietnam.
  • Enjoy an energetic, open and transparent working environment.
  • Acquire a variety of technical and soft skills from experienced Software Engineers and Entrepreneurs
  • "Beer" every Friday.
  • Extra Health Insurance PVI
  • Annual paid leave: 12 days
  • Medical paid leave: 12 days
  • Labor contract, social insurance, unemployment insurance are fully based on Vietnamese law
  • Working devices are provided
  • Clearly defined long-term career road-map for those who are qualified
  • Have opportunities to travel to the US, Vietnam, Taiwan for business trip when required
  • Other team building activities.

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