Senior C# Developer (Salary+commission)

Ho Chi Minh
Full time
Published 03/02/2021

Job Description

- Participate in development projects in company.

- Develop buying tools using C# on websites.

- Perform other related works follow required of the company.


- Experience in web security types, implement Google recapcha and building installation file (.exe) for a C# desktop application

- Understand the request – response of the client – server model, understand the headers, request data types

- Used to work on Regular Expression (+)

- Understand the meaning and use of Header User-Agent, Cache-control

- Know how to view a request from the browser when submitting a form, requesting an html page

- More than 3 years of experience in using C# language:

+ Understand HttpClient in C#, know how to create an http request in C# and use a proxy in one request http

+ Knowledge about Encoding formats in C#

+ Experience in multithreaded programming in C# such as Async await Task, Thread, Parallel

✔️ Advance Requirement:

- Learn and solve project problems actively and positively.

- Awareness of product development and information security

- Be active and positive share your own opinions and ideas

- Priority the customers' wishes and requirements to understand and develop products.

- Good teamwork and communication skills.

- Ability to training members.


With Covid-19 pandemic, Lampart will pay full salary during the time employees are isolated at home or in health facilities, in addition, Lampart always have flexible policies in this period to ensure the health of the employees.

- Working hour: 8:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM from Monday to Friday

- Company trip & Health care check-up: once a year

- Performance bonus: twice a year

- Salary reviewing: at least once/ year

- Industrial accident insurance 

- Women leave: 0.5 day/month

- Extra bonus at wedding (5,000,000 VND), having baby (2,000,000 VND), ….gifts at Lunar new year, mid-autumn festival 

- Signing Indefinite contract: +1 day leave/year

- Team building fund for employee to organize activities in team or among teams.

- Halloween Party, Christmas Party, Year-end Party, Birthday Party every month, …. and outdoor activities: 3.4 times/year 

- Sport Activities: Soccer, Badminton,…