Production Planning Allocation Manager

GS Executive Search
3000 - 4500 USD
Hanoi, Vietnam
Full time

Job Description

  • According to the company's development strategy, formulate the corresponding PPA Department annual, Quarterly Work Target, Work Plan and Budget; provide strong support for the company's sustainable development; 
  • Coordinate the overall work of PPA DEPARTMENT Organize the execution of the company's working system, and supervise the production plan control and Distribution;
  • Participate in the company's macro management, coordinate the order plan comprehensively, make the department's working plan and reasonably decompose 
  • Through the production capacity load evaluation, statistical data analysis and calculation, forecast, formulation and audit of a more reasonable production plan,
  • The establishment of a sound production and Material Control Operation System;
  • Control the reasonable stock, take an active part in the prevention, control and disposal of inactive materials; coordinate the work among the sales department, Production Department, Purchasing Department and Warehouse Department; 
  • Communicate and coordinate with related departments Promote cross-functional support to create a good external environment for the smooth development of the department's work;
  • Conduct production analysis and improvement to improve production efficiency; conduct material analysis and improvement to improve material turnover; The inventory structure, inventory planning and implementation, reduce materials, improve production support capacity; 
  • Complete other tasks assigned by superiors. 


  • Male or female, bachelor degree or above, 8 years experiences in Production Planning Management in Manufacturing Industry;
  • Excellent reading, speaking, listening and writing skills; 3, familiar with Common Office software, ERP system;
  • Proficient in production scheduling and control, Material Management, Planning Management Knowledge and Mathematical Statistics Common Sense;
  • Strong Organizational Management Ability, logical thinking ability and communication and coordination ability.;
  • Experience in textile and garment industry is preferred.

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