Financial Investment Executive

700 - 900 USD
HKL Building, 154 - 156 Nguyễn Hữu Thọ, Phước Kiển, Nhà Bè
Full time

Job Description

1. Extensive Financial Model Building & Maintaining (35%)

- Closely collaborating with project leaders and carefully considering internal synergies and external factors to create, update, and maintain complex financial models, business plan and detailed forecasts of the current and non-current investments.

- Using key financial ratios such as the debt to equity ratio, current ratio, gearing, … to evaluate whether the company’s current assets and investments are the best use of the company’s excess working capital, looking at return on investment (ROI) and make comparisons with other ways the company might utilize its cash flow (e.g., other possible investments, increased stock dividends, etc.);

- Building tracking process with financial and non-financial key metrics

- Periodically reviewing and comparing actual results against forecasts, and performing variance analysis to explain variances and make improvements going forward;

- Writing financial summaries and interpreting complicated financial information, inform financial recommendation to direct and dotted reporting line.

2. Capital Expenditure Management (35%)

- Generating Group cash flow and providing concise explanations between months as well as the relationship between the operating results and the cash balances; forecasting future cash flow in 1 year or longer; 

- Runs and analyzes complex financial reports on project budgets, expenditures and project progress to ensure accurately, and timely capital project set-up and reporting. 

- Preparing internal financial and non-financial reports for Board of Directors and supporting their decision making;

3. Finance And Investment Planning (30%)

- Considering opportunities for the company to expand or grow based on company visions, resources and market research. Mapping out growth plans, including capital expenditures and investments, recommending what the company should do with current and future potential resources;

- Researching international investment flow between countries to figure out the best way that company can do to optimize profitability and FCFF

- Regularly working with external partners (including exploring new partners) to bring back the most optimal and secure plans together with alternatives for all financing and investment plan; preparing various materials, memorandums, presentations and documents for the plans; following up and ensuring the plans are done on a timely basis;

- Other Adhoc assigned by line manager.

4. Project Set Up And Preparation (When Required)

- Together with Project Team, by finding resources internally and externally for operation set up, provide full package of the feasibility study, complex financial model, memorandum… 

- Assess profitability in term of forecasting delivery operational metrics results.


- Graduated from university;

- Strong English skills (reading, speaking, writing and listening);

- Having at least 1 year of working experience in the same position;

- Ability to explore and research for new methods;

- Familiar with international transactions;

- Interpersonal skills;

- Able to demonstrate financial data in Excel Dashboard, Power BI or Tableau is a strong plus;

- Proficiency in Microsoft Office, especially Microsoft Excel and computer skills;

- Desire to strive for excellence and continuous improvement, willing to research, learn and share new working methods;

- Ability to work cross-functionally, to thrive in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, and to manage and prioritize multiple projects with tight deadlines.

- Awareness of cultural differences.

- Careful, detail oriented, multi-tasking, honest, diligent, devoted to work.

- Analytical thinking and get it done attitude.

- Seniority, self-motivation and integrity.


- Working time: 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM from Monday to Friday;

- Paid 100% salary in 02 probation months;

- Applied Social Insurance as the labor law.

- Take a premium health insurance after 1 year;

- Take part in team building once annually;

- Review for increasing salary once or twice for outstanding annually;

- Give bonus on KPIs at year end.

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