Business Operation Manager

Aloha Consulting Group
1500 - 2000 USD
521 Kim Ma, Suite 1201A, 12th Floor, Tower A, Handi Resco Building, Ngọc Khánh, Ba Đình, Hà Nội 118508, Vietnam
Full time
Published 16/05/2021

Job Description

  • Supervise the team of business support staff.
  • Work with the management team on fiscal strategic planning.
  • Coordinate project development surveys.
  • Look into the legal obligations relating to contractual relationships with clients and ensure that the obligations are met.
  • Work in partnership with other management team members to ascertain and carry out the business's technical nature and precedence.
  • Provide guidance and financial planning to the business.
  • Provide documentation support, procedure, and financial initiatives for the business.
  • Responsible for the administration of the business unit.
  • Support the budget, the auditing process, the training, and the coordination of projects.


  • Degree in Business Administration or its equivalent
  • Strong ability in a business support role and/or in-office management role
  • Business management expertise and experience
  • Expertise in the use of modern technologies
  • Ability to coordinate business development research
  • Strong skills in working with people and human resource management
  • Ability to support opportunities on business development
  • Ability to evaluate, appraise, cost, and consider business risks
  • Ability to develop business promotional plans and pursue them to completion
  • Expertise in training and developing of staff
  • Strong ability to deliver a presentation
  • Ability to work with a team and under the initiative drawn by self
  • Ability to review the procedure for support and to pinpoint opportunities to develop the efficiency of business
  • Effectiveness in time management and the organization of staff
  • Efficiency in communicating complex information to staff at different levels
  • Ability to handle sensitive business information

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