Business Analyst

500 - 1000 USD
Ho Chi Minh
Full time
Published 04/02/2021

Job Description

  • We need you to be a reliable consolidator of information from client teams and in-house team (sometimes our vendor’s team, too), to make sure that all parties understand the project requirements, solutions and planning in the same way
  • Collaborate with other engineers, designers, consultants and teams provide details about software solutions the company can offer to client’s business requirement
  • Write reusable, clear, precise documentation, with helpful visual diagrams
  • Manage requirement changes and updates during software development project
  • Give consultation to clients and internal teams regarding high level information of technologies and platforms to be utilized in the project
  • Create and manage project delivery plans.


You should have:

  • Strong comprehensive reading of technical documents and requirement documents in Vietnamese and English.
  • Strong knowledge management and writing in Vietnamese and English.
  • Background in computer science, or software development industry, or business information system.
  • Either software project management, or software development experience.
  • Clear, effective communication skills.

You need to have these skills:

  • Requirement analysis, work packages and tasks breakdown.
  • Drawing business analysis diagrams for user workflow, entities relationship…
  • Understanding of web app and / or mobile app components, and software programming project management knowledge.
  • Description (in documents and in verbal communication) of software functions, systems and other related information.
  • Adapting quickly new tools for work.

You will love this job, and our client will love you, if:

  • You are a positive thinker with problems solving focus.
  • You are an organized person, who keep track of work with details.
  • You are a good communicator, who understands clients and teammates, who make others understand you clearly, and keep project stakeholders well informed.
  • You have good common sense, especially about the usability of web / mobile applications.

If you have all those qualities above, we will totally want to hire you and increase your benefits, if

  • You have a software development or computer engineering or computer science formal background, and/or
  • If you have a business information management / software project management

You have to be quick catching up on using these tools at work:

  • Jira
  • Confluence
  • BitBucket
  • Invision / Adobe XD (for wireframing purpose)
  • Google Suite (drive, doc, sheet)
  • Other software development and collaboration tools
  • Gantt Chart / Microsoft Project


  • 40h working week Monday-Friday & flexible working time policy
  • We treat ourselves as a family, instead of a factory.
  • Highly motivated employees and employers.
  • Good work environment and conditions.
  • Payment is great and always on-time.
  • Bonus is great if you work great.
  • Work & Life balance.
  • Interesting benefits, bespoke for each personal profile

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