Accountant (IT/Software)

Hamsa Technologies
10 Tr - 15 Tr VND
CIC Tower, 219 Trung Kính
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Accountant (IT/Software)
Hamsa Technologies
10 Tr - 15 Tr VND
CIC Tower, 219 Trung Kính
Toàn thời gian

Mô tả công việc

Internal accounting, administration:

  • Accounting for economic transactions arising in the software every day
  • Tracking sales, customer liabilities to domestic and foreign customers
  • Purchase orders, purchase contracts, track liabilities payable from HR
  • Tracking bank accounts, loans, and deposits
  • Payroll accounting for each part, calculate cost of goods, allocate CCDC, prepaid expenses to calculate the monthly business results.
  • Make monthly management reports such as Income Statement, and other reports as required by managers.

Tax accounting, synthesis

  • Accounting of sales invoices into the software, note the foreign currency rate. Invoice value and invoice. Track sales liabilities
  • Identify legal, reasonable and valid invoices to record purchase invoices in the software.
  • Gather and supplement documents related to economic transactions. 
  • Salary calculation by department. Compare the premium payable with the insurance agency, the trade union fee.
  • Calculation of cost price, distribution of tools and instruments, prepaid expenses
  • Balancing and estimating revenue and expenses. At the end of the quarter, make tax reports and pay tax if incurred: VAT, personal income tax, corporate income tax, contractor tax, report on the use of invoices, report on PIT withholding documents.
  • Make payment order and keep track of bank accounts.
  • Make documents for bank loans.
  • Prepare quarterly and annual financial statements
  • Reporting and explaining data.

Yêu cầu

  • 3 years experience as Accountant
  • Have experience in using Misa on cloud
  • Advanced MS Excel or Google Spreadsheet skills
  • Strong attention to detail and good analytical skills
  • English at comprehension level
  • Have knowledge in software / software exporting industry is a plus
  • Have a chief accountant certification or aim to get a certification in 2021 is another plus.

Quyền lợi

About your pay:

  • Up to 15M
  • Free lunch
  • Can receive up to 15 months of wage payment
  • Receiving bonus based on individual & company performance 
  • Receiving social insurances and health care

About your job:

  • Working with a transparent accounting system that meets international standards
  • Get supported and consulted from an external consulting agency
  • Be promoted to a chief accountant

About your managers:

  • In fact, there are no managers but facilitators and product owners who do coaching and help you to complete your tasks in the most effective way
  • Set goal and give you feedback at the right time to improve your performance and productivity

About your colleagues:

  • Young, passionate, responsible and professional
  • Give you support 24/7
  • Create a comfortable atmosphere so that you will feel home

About your CEO:

  • Focus on human factor, and willing to invest in you in order to continuously expand your personal capacity
  • Strive for a big mission and visions
  • Be open, transparent and aligned within the company, teams and individuals
  • Give you inspiration most of the time

About your working environment:

  • Provide high-quality water (Lavie) and help you stay hydrated throughout the day. Healthy body, healthy mind.
  • Fulfill your needs for coffee, snack, fresh fruits all day
  • Dual monitor working mode is always on
  • Create memorable moments and experiences together through company trip 1 ~ 2 times per year
  • Agile transformation environment in which you can practice Agile, Scrum everyday
  • Various opportunities for you to unleash your potential by learning new technologies and working with clients directly from all over the world

About your career path:

  • Develop your own career without limits. Chief Accountant is possible alternative destination.
  • Have the opportunity to learn numerous skills of Technical, English, Time Management, Productivity Management…