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🐟 🐟 Creative CSO(Chief Sales Officer) at HRTech WANTED!!!

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Chief Sales Officer


800 ~ 1500 USD/Tháng

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Thời hạn bài đăng

Jul 3 2019 ~ Aug 2

Chi tiết

💎 Message from CEO Hello my name is Kazuki, CEO of freecracy. Thank you for watching our job post, this is very important position for us. We are HRTech company raising 500,000usd investments from Japan, and now expanding our business starting from Vietnam to other South East Asia in the future. Our team has CEO, CTO, CPO and now looking for CSO(Chief Sales Officer). Because our product is very new in the market, so we need to discuss and choose creative way to inform customers about merits for using our new HRTech service. We are looking forward to seeing you at interview~!! Peace, Kazuki, CEO of freecracy 💎 Job Description Creative sales officer for our HRTech service "freeC". freeC is Talent Recruiting platform with using new UIUX and original Algorythm. This is our service's article, so please take a look at it: Our current Sales and Customer success team is 6 members and they are excellent young members, and we need leader who lead these members. Of course, distance with CEO is very close and we can discuss anything with him. - Develop and manage client portfolios. - Sustain business growth and profitability by maximizing value. - Analyze customer data to improve customer experience. - Handle and resolve customer requests and complaints. - Minimize customer churn. 💎 Job Requirement: - More than 3 years work experience at Sales or Customer Success Leader - Manage position as Leader or Manager in Team - Interest in Tech/IT/SaaS - Fluent in English or Japanese (We use English as 1st language at company) ⭐️ Better - Interest in Start-up relating to HRTech - Work at Tech company/ HR company

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