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💚 Tuyển Dụng 💚 [ Nhân Viên Học Vụ ( Academic Coordinator) ] - LSM HCM _ Lương Cực Hấp Dẫn

Vị trí

Nhân Viên Học Vụ


450 ~ 650 USD/Tháng

Loại hình công việc


Thời hạn bài đăng

Jun 11 2019 ~ Jul 11

Chi tiết

🔶 Job Description - Submit your monthly plan and weekly plan - Strictly follow all company procedures. - Design/update teaching and training materials. - Work with HR to recruit teachers and TAs. - Work with Training Deparment to train teachers and TAs. - Give orientations to team members to enable them carry out their duties effectively. Support other departments in case of new projects & Be active in order to develop products. 🔶 Data control - Know perfectly information about schools, teachers and classes through ECO management system. - Know full well information about students through ECO management system. - Make training plans and train teachers, teacher’s assistants (TAs). - Ensure that teachers and TAs follow iSMART procedures. - Ensure that teachers and TAs conduct academic tasks by deadline. - Well coordinate teachers, TAs at designated areas. - Conduct class observation to support teachers in time and to assess teaching quality. - Solve problems related to teachers and students. Develop good relationship with the schools for better cooperation. - Hold monthly meeting with teachers, TAs to deploy monthly plan and to receive feedback from teachers, TAs. - Train and foster teachers periodically. ➤ Learning quality control - Organize effectively periodical tests (midterm and final tests). - Make Academic Reports (to be sent to City DOET, Dist DOET, schools and parents). - Organize supporting activities (teaching demos, iSMART Scientists Squad, English Day, Open House…). - Analyze, synthesize and assess program based on data collected. ➤ Job Requirements - Must have at least Bachelor Degree. - Experience in English teaching & Education field. - Must have B2 upper or IELTS 6.5. - Be active and flexible to solve problems within 24 business hours. - Have constant exchange of work and effective communication with colleagues in order to share experience and learn from each other. - Have skills in using Microsoft office (MS Words, MS Excel and Powerpoint).

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129-131 Đinh Tiên Hoàng, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam