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BtoA is hiring Ruby On Rails Freelance (Remote Work) for good salary - Upto $2400 USD

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Freelance Engineer


1700 ~ 2400 USD/Tháng

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May 7 2019 ~ Jun 6

Chi tiết

🔶 Description: 💎 Contract - Full-time Freelance job (Remote work) 💎 Responsibility (depends on your skill) - 80~90% coding - Our tech stack ( - 10~20% code review 💎 Requirement - At least 4 years of front-end and back-end development experience • 3+ years of Rails experience • 1+ years of React experience - Experience building complex, scalable web apps, and APIs - Advanced problem-solving and debugging skills - Comfort with object-oriented development principles, meta-programming and exposure to functional development patterns - Experience with SQL, and Query Optimization - Interest in data analysis, and statistics - Demonstrate the ability to work with people from many different backgrounds - Show a commitment to building a cooperative and helpful team - User first approach with a focus on user experience - Ability to work in a team and communicate effectively - Ability and willingness to engage effectively in code review and acceptance testing for your own and your colleague’s work - Able to discuss in English, No need in Japanese 💎 Environment - All communication English - Remote work - International team (JP, VN, PF, MX, BR, IN) - Opportunity to get reviews from our tech advisor who works at Uber senior engineer head office 💎 Benefits ( if you work at Tokyo ) - Stock Option - Team building dinners - Learning Support ➤ About BtoA Co.,Ltd: HR tech is growing. As the ways of working change, companies and organizations have to change themselves to be much better place to work for. BetterEngage supports those companies to be able to collect HR data, to analyze those data and to make great people strategies in a data-driven way. In that sense, BetterEngage is the center for the Human Resource people to be a strategic HR. We are creating New type of Human Capital Management System, which is a User-Friendly System (like Slack) / Track the transaction (like Salesforce) / Analytics Rich (like google analytics).

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