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Digital Marketing


750 ~ 1000 USD/Tháng

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Apr 18 2019 ~ May 18

Chi tiết

🔶 Mô tả Công việc ❖ KEY PURPOSE: - Build & Develop company’s brands on digital - Day-to-day management of social media marketing plan - Content planning, creation and publication - Work with internal team to do marketing campaigns and promotional activities - Web management/development - Analysis and reporting ❖ RESPONSIBILITIES: ➤ Social Media Marketing - Making regular posts on SM Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) on a daily basis, with messages about Brand, products, promotions, events etc. - Replying swiftly to any questions, issues, feedback from customers on social media (in cooperation/ consultation with Mgt team) - Creating campaign/contest/promotion to interact with fans on facebook. - Helping to gain / acquire new followers and build engagement and influence on SM - Reaching out to Influencers on SM, blogs, sites to get them to try / promote our products - Supporting digital advertising and marketing strategy with ideas and suggestions to help target more new customers ➤ Web Marketing/ Website content - Collaborate with IT and web hosting providers as needed to develop & maintain website …. - Manage company’s websites, updating content in regulary and adding pages as appropriate. - Handle newsletter campaign (create content, layout design, work with IT to send out & tracking,..) - SEM, SEO to make website appearing on search engines ➤ Forum - Forum seeding & advertising - Search & co-operate with suitable forums to create activities for branding. ➤ Others - Report for Multibrands . - Translate documents - Work with internal team and agency for promotional activities - Create POP/POSM/maketing materials Designs for company.. - Hanlde online PR campaign. - Survey market - Other tasks as assigned by direct manager 🔶 Yêu Cầu Công Việc – Background/ Education: University graduate majoring in marketing, journalism, communications, public relations or equivalent desired. – Experience, Knowledge, Skills & Abilities – Excellent oral and written communication skills with strong attention to detail ((both VNM & English). – Complete fluent use of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,… as a user, and as a content publisher – Interest in Fashion trends, Parenting topics, general news and the digital world – Up-to-date on current marketing and social media trends. – Retail consumer or Fashion experience would be a plus – Basic Photoshop would be required. – Excellent communication skill 🔶 Thông tin khác – Hình thức: Nhân viên chính thức

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36/9 D2 Street, Ward 25, Binh Thanh Dist., HCMC

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